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    • arnej

      “the only thing gay people worry about”.. That there is justabig fat fail. I’m not gay. ButIhave the ONE thing you miss: Empathy. There’s more to equality than marriage, but I’ve already stated that. How about job security from discrimination? Visitation rights?  Gay people can ask themselves why they have to add their full tax toagovernment that doesn’t return the favour in rights? But you’ll read whatever you want in this. Go on, skew it.

    • arnej

      Extensive studies from all over the world, not just from America, show that kids growing up with same-sex parents are emotionally and physically *exactly* the same as kids from traditional families, even if some of the reports indicates that kids from gay families are the tiniest bit *slightly* better at school work than “normal” kids. By reports and studies,Iof course mean reports and studies that has actually met the criteria needed to be called “science”.

    • arnej

      Do you think it matters to gay people? Or are blacks, gay people and women supposed to suspend their own lives until the day the white men have *their* issues fixed? And maybe, just maybe, things like equal rights for gay people IS an economical issue. They pay FULL taxes, but get only 80 percent of the rights. They can’t marry, so their kids are unprotected from the financial crisis; their economical options are limited, because someone in government long time ago decided that “they” are not good enough. Some people believe being treated as humans isamore pressing issue than anything else.  And it’s not like it wouldn’t take the politicians more than two minutes to grand rights to everyone, so we could move on to bigger issues afterwards. But NOOO, let’s keep spending money on making propaganda about how much gay folks are like pigs and dogs and over-all just under-Mensch.

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