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    21 Times Tom Felton Proved He Loves "Harry Potter" More Than You

    It makes me low-key love Draco???

    1. When Tom got sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore...

    2. ...but still repped his Slytherin pride in public.

    3. That time Tom met this girl named Juniper and gave her a huge hug.

    4. And overall just MADE πŸ‘ HER πŸ‘ DAY πŸ‘!

    5. When Tom went with his Flash co-star Jesse L. Martin to a Harry Potter symphony orchestra show.

    6. When he endorsed DRARRY!!! (Fan fiction about Harry + Draco.)

    7. Like, SIRIUSLY endorsed it.

    8. OK, it honestly has me questioning a lot of things.

    9. When Tom saw this in the wild and said "not just a platform."

    10. And when he saw this sign and declared his support for S.P.E.W.

    11. When Tom straight up stanned Longbottom.

    12. And some other familiar faces.

    13. That time Tom was more excited to meet fans than they were to meet him.

    14. He even took a pic of this guy and his shirt because he LOVED IT.

    15. When Tom shared a TBT of this bloody scene from Half-Blood Prince.

    16. When he re-posted this meme about favoritism.

    17. When Tom used this picture to demonstrate how he "feels being 28."

    18. When he sold this ~slither-in~ shirt and made Rupert Grint wear it.

    19. When a barista trolled Tom and he was 100% in support of it.

    20. When Tom wished all the muggles a Merry Christmas.

    21. And when he wished Voldemort a Happy Valentine's Day and bragged about hugging He Who Must Not Be Named.

    In conclusion, Tom Felton is a very big Harry Potter fan AFTER ALL THIS TIME.

    P.S. Tom if you are ever in NYC, please come to Harry Potter trivia with me. Thank you.

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