This WestJet Christmas Miracle Will Make Your Day

Santa is REAL. This Canadian airline just won the holidays.

2. A virtual gift box was stationed at the airport and fliers were encouraged to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

3. These parents said they would love a big screen TV.

4. And this little girl had no idea what she wanted but she was adorable so it didn’t matter.

5. This guy really needed socks and underwear.

6. And after several people asked for gifts and boarded their flight, a team of WestJet employees went out and bought the gifts requested.

7. Yes, these people were about to actually get what they wished for.

Socks guy is probably kicking himself.

8. As the passengers were in flight, WestJet’s elves were delivering the gifts to the plane’s destination.

9. They somehow managed to get all the presents, wrap them, address them, and get them to the people.

What sorcery is this?!

10. When the passengers went to baggage claim, the gifts started coming down the carousel.

11. This woman got a flight home for the holidays.

12. The socks guy seemed pretty happy.

13. This kid was beside himself.

14. And a camera brought this woman to tears.

15. And for the finale, these folks got their TV.

16. Bravo, WestJet!

H/T Mashable

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