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    This Vine Project Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    Jérôme Jarre asks strangers what important message they need to share with the world. The answers are beautifully refreshing.

    You may remember Jérôme from his series of funny, awkward vines.

    He started a project called HUMANS and he's asking random strangers for six seconds of advice. Here's what he's got so far!

    "Help one another, because that's all we have, each other." — Frank

    "Don't let anybody stop you from being who you want to be and accomplishing your goals." — Jalissa

    "Dream big, work hard, and whatever you do, always have honor. Everything else will follow." — Andre

    "If you really want something, you have to believe that you can get it." — Ray

    "Share respect and admiration for each other all over the world." — Joseph

    Follow HUMANS on Vine as the project continues!