The 21 Easiest Ways To Make Everyone Around You Uncomfortable

Making the world a more awkward place, one Vine at a time with Jérôme Jarre.

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1. Sing at people as you pass them on the escalator.

Touch their hands as they get close.

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2. Sing at people as they’re sunbathing in the park.

Make sure to get their attention by whispering “I love you” in their ear first.

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3. Sing at people on the subway.

Try to get a friend involved.

ID: 1526329

4. Take cookies from people without asking.

Sing as you do it.

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5. Do “llama face” on the subway.

Loudly announce it right before you do it. People are going to want to see this.

ID: 1526331

6. Be there when people wake up from a nap in the park.

Nobody wants to wake up alone.

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7. Approach strangers and quote movie lines at them.

ID: 1526337

8. Touch mustaches.

You’re absolutely going to want to sing as you do it.

ID: 1526338

9. Insist you’re employed by just walking behind the counter and getting to work.

Try your best to not look like you’re there to rob the place.

ID: 1526340

10. High-five every person you see hailing a cab.

ID: 1526342

11. Insist on being in strangers’ family pictures.

ID: 1526343

12. “Get” peoples’ noses.

Get in close with a feint, then just get their nose and get out of there.

ID: 1526345

13. Form quick, desperate romantic relationships with people pulling away on trains.

ID: 1526347

14. Aggressively shout the word “love” at people.

ID: 1526348

15. Get people to join you for a pillow fight.

Don’t give them a choice.

ID: 1526349

16. Ask people to be your princess.

Make it official by putting a bow on their head.

ID: 1526351

17. Tell people that they’re cute.

Pinch their cheeks for added effect.

ID: 1526352

18. Get people to share their umbrella by confessing your undying love for them.

ID: 1526353

19. Most importantly, never stop…

ID: 1526358

20. …touching peoples’…

ID: 1526355

21. …hands! Works every time.

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