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Posted on Jan 13, 2014

19 Things You Miss After Graduating College

Take me back.

1. Making your own schedule.

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In the real world: Work, sleep, work.

2. Three-month summer vacations.

A24 /

In the real world: Probably a two-week vacation. If you have money. And if you're not tempted to check your email the whole time.

3. Your body being able to handle an obscene amount of alcohol.

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In the real world: Brunch on Sunday, hungover by 6 p.m., feel like you're going to die, remember you have work tomorrow, cry.

4. Living on meal plans.

Universal Pictures / Via

In the real world: Cook like an adult or spend all your money on delivery.

5. Not giving a fuck and wearing sweatpants to class.

Bravo / Via

In the real world: Business casual unless you want to get fired by HR.

6. Going to the gym on your own time.

In the real world: Head to the gym after work (like every other 9-to-5 employee) and hope you get on a machine and home before Scandal comes on.

7. Not worrying about student debt.

In the real world: You'll be paying these off until you're dead.

8. Skipping a class just because you wanted to.

Paramount Pictures /

In the real world: Waste a vacation day on some stupid hangover.

9. Naps.

Comedy Central /

In the real world: Try really hard to stay awake during that 3 p.m. meeting.

10. A very large pool of young and attractive single people.

E! /

In the real world: *I will not hook up with my co-workers. I will not hook up with my co-workers.*

11. Late-night runs to Taco Bell.

New Line Cinema /

In the real world: zZzZzZzzzz...

12. Cheap drinks, all the time.

Paramount Pictures

In the real world: "Are there any drink specials? Is it happy hour?"

13. Sitting in the student section at football games (for free).

In the real world: Settling for an alumni bar.

14. Beer pong.

In the real world: Catch Phrase.

15. Student discounts.

In the real world: Seamless 15% discount.

16. Studying abroad.

In the real world: Too much $$$ and not enough vacation days.

17. Spring break.

A24 / Via

In the real world: Beach-themed desktop wallpaper.

18. Living in close proximity to a majority of your friends.


In the real world: "Want to Skype soon?"

19. Thinking you know what you might want to do after college.

Phil and Dan /

In the real world: Shit.

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