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17 Things You May Not Know About "The O.C."

In honor of the show's 10-year anniversary.

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2. When Adam Brody auditioned, Josh Schwartz said he hated him and wanted him to get out.

Adam had been auditioning for several pilots that day and hadn't come prepared. After a month with no Seth Cohen, they eventually called Brody back and he got the part.


3. In early drafts of the script, Ryan Atwood was originally going to be Sandy Cohen's illegitimate child.

Good thing this didn't happen because I refuse to believe Sandy Cohen is anything less than perfect.

6. Rachel Bilson was originally only a guest star, but the role of Summer Roberts became so important that they made her a main character.

7. The producers almost didn't use the iconic Phantom Planet song for the intro.

They thought it was too mainstream, but they added the song because they needed to show the network something before the pilot premiered. Everyone ended up loving it, so they used "California" for the theme song.


13. After the cast and crew tried hard to keep the Season 3 death a secret, Mischa Barton revealed to Access Hollywood that her character dies, an hour before the finale.

All facts via Hitfix and IMDb.


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