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    17 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Named Arielle

    Hahahahahhaha, no, I'm not named after The Little Mermaid. πŸ™ƒ

    1. First of all, no one knows how to pronounce your name correctly.

    2. You inevitably accept people will always pronounce your name wrong, and you just go with it until you introduce yourself in front of them months later, and they feel guilty for pronouncing it wrong all along.

    3. But sometimes friends ask you if they're saying it right. And you finally have your chance to correct them.

    4. People ALWAYS ask if you were named after The Little Mermaid.

    5. And if you were born BEFORE the movie came out, you feel obligated to say that. Loud and clear.

    6. But if you're having trouble communicating, you'll just tell people, "like The Little Mermaid" so they get it.

    7. Also, people LOVE to joke about how you'll find your Prince Eric one day.

    8. Whenever a waiter takes your order, you're just named Ariel. Always.

    9. And when you go to Starbucks? Lol forget about it.

    10. You will literally never find your name on a keychain, or mug, or any other souvenirs.

    11. And sometimes you just buy the ones that say "Ariel" because it's the closest you'll ever get.

    12. Whenever you meet another Arielle, you always ask how they spell their name.

    13. And if they DO spell it the same way, you launch into a spiel about how you've only met so many Arielles who spell it the same way as you.

    14. If there's another Arielle at your job, you get kind of sad that you're not the "only one."

    15. When you try to claim a new username on some website, you actually get kind of mad when yours is taken because you don't really expect it to be.

    16. If someone calls "Arielle" in a crowded room, and they're not talking to you, you get very confused and shocked.

    17. But above all else, you actually really love your double L, E.