17 Helpful Tips For Anyone Getting LASIK Or PRK Eye Surgery

    We went through the process and we're here to share our tips.

    Hi everyone! We're Arielle and Jamie, and we both recently got LASIK and PRK eye surgery (respectively).

    What is LASIK and PRK? It's an elective eye surgery used to improve your vision for (ideally) an extended period of time. However, the surgeries have their differences.

    We learned some things to make the recovery process a little easier, and we wanted to share our tips from both perspectives.

    Remember that not all surgeries and recoveries are the same. Some people have complications, some people don't. This isn't necessarily a reflection of how your experience will be, we're just sharing ours.

    Disclaimer: Please always consult an ophthalmologist before making any changes or taking suggestions!

    1. Meal prep before surgery.

    2. Or pre-order delivery to avoid cooking.

    3. Put your eye drops in the fridge.

    4. Take a shower and wash your hair the morning of your surgery.

    5. Download audiobooks, music, or podcasts since you can't really look at screens.

    6. Eat a filling meal before your surgery.

    7. If you have pets, consider having a family member or friend take care of them for the day or next few days.

    8. Ask someone to take you home and get you settled.

    9. When you need preservative-free eye drops, try getting one with a resealable cap so you can take them on-the-go.

    10. Make your phone text bigger and turn down brightness.

    11. And if you have an iPhone, you can ask Siri to read your notifications or text people.

    12. Have Advil/Aleve/Tylenol available for headaches or pain.

    13. Buy paper plates and cups so you don't have to do dishes.

    14. Invest in a good sleep mask.

    15. Wear something comfortable to surgery so you can get home and go straight to bed.

    16. Buy a cold compress for some relief.

    17. REST REST REST. Do not try to go overboard, let your eyes heal.

    Both of us have documented our recoveries on Instagram stories. If you wish to get more of an idea, you can check out our story highlights on our profile pages at @ariellesays (LASIK) and @jamieurso (PRK).