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    14 Things I Learned When Getting LASIK Eye Surgery

    All the scoop on LASIK cost, recovery, and if it's actually worth it.

    Hi everyone! I'm Arielle, and I recently got LASIK eye surgery.

    What is LASIK you ask?

    My vision is terrible. In contacts, I'm -4.75 in my left eye and -5.0 in my right. When I go for a vision test, I literally can't see the big E.

    I've been wearing glasses/contacts since middle school, and while I had a lot of hesitations about the surgery, I decided to finally bite the bullet and just DO IT.

    Here's how my experience with LASIK went!

    Disclaimer: This is a personal account of my own surgery. You should always consult a surgeon/ophthalmologist before taking any suggestions.

    1. First thing I did was RESEARCH MY SURGEON! I wanted to make sure I found an expert in the field. I checked how many surgeries he's done, what kind of technology he's using, what his reviews and ratings are, etc.

    2. Then I went for a free consultation to see if I was a candidate. If you're not eligible, a surgeon might recommend PRK instead (or no surgery at all).

    3. I called a few LASIK centers in New York to get price quotes, which ranged from $4K - $6K. My total ending up being $4,790 for both eyes with a lifetime guarantee* (and no, insurance didn't cover it).

    4. I also set up a CareCredit account, which is a credit card (just for this purpose) that allows me to pay off everything interest-free for 12-18 months.

    5. Once I got my free consultation and was approved, I made my appointment. I had to stop wearing contacts 1-2 weeks before the surgery.

    6. I was given prescription eye drops for dry eyes to take beforehand, and I could literally taste it in my throat (which tastes like gasoline, FYI).

    7. On day of surgery, I was given Valium to calm my nerves since you are awake during the procedure. They also gave me stress balls to squeeze when I was scared during surgery.

    8. Then it was time for surgery. They gave me numbing drops and held my eye open with some device. At some point, everything went black and I PANICKED. But, it's just part of the process.

    9. When that was done, I had to stare at a green light while a red laser light went all over my eye. They then used a brush-like device to wipe down my eye. Kind of like they were smoothing out air pockets.

    10. As soon as I was done, I could see. It was a little blurry, but I could make out text and faces. I sat down in this recliner chair in the dark for 30 minutes before I could go home.

    11. I had to wear these shields all day, and then during sleep for the next seven nights. I was told the first 24 hours are the most important, so I went home and napped, stayed in the dark, took my drops as instructed, and didn't watch TV or play with my phone.


    13. Since then, I've been wearing sunglasses every time I'm outside, I put preservative-free artificial drops in my eyes ALL the time, and I avoid touching my eyes.

    14. Overall, I am extremely happy and the money was totally worth it for me.

    I have also recorded my whole journey on Instagram stories. You can find the Lasik highlights on my profile page.

    Please know that my experience does not necessarily reflect the experience of others. Always consult your doctor before making any decisions and do your research.

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