23 Brilliant Clothing Hacks And Tips That Will Make Life Easier

    Making life easier one trick at a time.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best clothing hacks and tricks. Here are some of the most helpful answers.

    1. Stretch out your flats in five minutes with thick socks and a hairdryer.

    2. Remove pen stains from your clothing with hairspray.

    3. Pin your bra straps to the inside of your shirt with a mini safety pin to hide them or keep them from slipping off of your shoulder.

    4. Put your jeans in the freezer overnight to get rid of any strong, lingering odors.

    5. Get rid of wrinkles by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you're taking a hot shower.

    6. If you don’t wear something within two weeks of buying it (unless it’s for a special occasion), return it.

    7. Use a pair of old tights or a dryer sheet to remove deodorant stains from your shirts.

    8. When you add something new to your closet, take something out to donate or throw away.

    9. When packing or putting away clothes in drawers, roll them instead of folding them. It saves space and avoids wrinkles.

    10. And when traveling, organize outfits or accessories by day in resealable plastic bags.

    11. In the event you need to pull something out of the hamper to wear again, put vodka in a spray bottle and spray it down.

    12. To prevent shrinkage and less damage to good clothes, always dry on low heat.

    13. Put hot glue or small strips of clear traction tape on each side of your hangers to prevent clothes from falling off.

    14. Color coordinate your closet so you can pair clothes quicker.

    15. Use a thick hair elastic to expand the waistband of your jeans.

    16. If you have a small run in your stockings/tights, paint clear nail polish over the hole to prevent them from ripping further.

    17. Use a hair straightener to eliminate wrinkles on collars and hems of clothing.

    18. Put your clothes in your closet with the hangers reversed. As you pull out clothes, reverse the hanger back. Donate the clothes you didn't use every six months or every year.

    19. Use a lingerie bag for washing underwear and bras.

    20. Pick out your entire outfit and put it on a hanger the night before.

    21. Neatly tuck in your jeans into boots with a simple folding trick.

    22. Remove red wine stains with white wine or vinegar.

    23. And use corn starch or baking soda to get grease stains off your clothes. (Also, this chart is super nifty for all stains!)

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