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Amazing Covers

This is a simple list of some of my favorite covers of different songs, that are just as good as the OGs. This is by no means a complete list, but these are my absolute favorite covers found on the net. All of the links go to YouTube.

carehwinks One year ago

November 2017 Playlist

Here is a playlist for your November, and not one song on here is a Christmas song. You're welcome. (All links, as always, go to YouTube).

carehwinks 2 years ago

Generic College Poll

This is a mess, and so is my life. Here's a poll for college students.

carehwinks 2 years ago

Totally Cool October Playlist

Of course, October is the time to get your Halloween on, and I totally respect that. However, if you're not like me and 100% Halloween, here are some songs you can definitely jam to this October. All the links go to YouTube!

carehwinks 2 years ago

Songs You NEED To Listen To This Fall

A list of songs that you absolutely need to check out Fall 2k17. (Yeah, I just said 2k17 instead of 2017. I hate me too). All the links go to YouTube.

carehwinks 2 years ago

My Epic July Playlist

Because summer is now officially in full swing, here are 23 songs that you HAVE to listen to in July. All the song links just go to YouTube so feel free to click away without worry.

carehwinks 2 years ago