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27 "Hunger Games" Puns You Can't Help But Laugh At

I loaf these so much.

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1. This new Disney character:

2. This plant:

3. This:

4. And this:

5. This super power:

6. This joke you'll only understand if you read Mockingjay:

7. This new Adele music video:

8. JLaw's unfortunate struggle:

9. This joke that's too soon:

10. And this one :(

11. Peeta being Peeta:

12. This Facebook status:

13. And this Facebook thread:

14. This message:

15. This Finnick pun:

16. This text:

17. And this sext:

18. This plea by Peeta:

19. This pickup line:

20. And this one:

21. This convo between Katniss and Zach Galifianakis:

22. Effie's pain:

23. This request by Johanna Mason:

24. This new Rihanna song:

25. This Frozen tribute:

26. This sad moment for Peeta:

27. And this, which summarizes everything:

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