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    This Girl Is Killing The Style Game With Her Disney Park Outfits

    Can she be my stylist?

    Attn: Disney fans! This is "Enchanted April," aka candypalaceprincess on Instagram. She's about to be your new Disney Princess fave.

    Although April lives in New Mexico, she makes it out to Disneyland in California every 6-8 weeks — and each time she does, she destroys the dress-up game (like this Coco outfit).

    She purchases some elements of her outfits from other vendors, but she started sewing some of her own skirts last year. She actually learned how to from YouTube and it takes her a couple hours to complete the looks.

    In terms of inspiration, April told BuzzFeed, "Either I’ll get an idea in my mind for a look and then start obsessively searching for fabric to bring my vision to life, OR I’ll randomly see a fabric that reminds me of a character and start building a look around that."

    And when April does make it to Disneyland, it's no surprise that she gets stopped a bunch and asked about her style.

    April also has an Etsy store and sells a lot of Disney-inspired accessories such as fascinators.

    She's currently working on some Christmas attire for the holidays and can't wait to share her photos this month.

    Anyway, if you're a Disney lover and appreciate April's style, you can follow her on Instagram and check out more of her work.

    Stay magical! ✨