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34 Weird Things Other People Totally Do Too

Don't worry, you're not alone.

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8. Keeping your headphones on after your music stops and not realizing until maybe hours later.

Turns out I've been sitting with headphones on, but no music for about 25 minutes. I'm on top of EVERYTHING.

10. Googling something without thinking and then staring at the search results like "what just happened how did I get here?"

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*Intends to google "game of thrones season premiere"*

*Actually just googles "premiere"*

11. Immediately touching a plate after the server warns you it's hot.


22. Believing that you'll somehow be able to watch the next episode even though you know you don't have enough time.


28. Listening to a song you love on repeat until it makes you want to die.

34. And this: