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22 Unique Joys Of Traveling Alone

It's just you and the whole wide world.

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1. Being so scared that you're considering not even getting on the plane, and then powering through.

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2. Getting from the airport to your hotel and realizing (even if it took an unnecessarily long route) that YOU'VE GOT THIS.

3. Making an itinerary that includes ONLY the places you want to go and the activities you want to do.

4. And eating all of the food you want to eat.

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No wasted time trying to figure out a compromise.

5. Realizing that you can change your plans on the spur of the moment and no one will even know the difference.

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"I meant to wander aimlessly for the majority of the afternoon, don't worry."

6. And then not having to answer to anyone if you feel like slacking off on those plans.

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7. Making friends at the bar or in the hostel or on the hiking trail.

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You're so much more likely to talk to other people if you're traveling solo — especially if those people are on their own as well.

8. Sleeping as late as your heart desires.

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Because part of vacation is relaxing.

9. People-watching in big cities.

10. Making playlists.

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A lot of solo walking means a lot of opportunities for listening to music, and those songs will forever remind you of where you were when you heard them.

11. Never having to wait for anyone, especially if you're anxious about punctuality.

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Getting to the train an hour early never hurt anybody!

12. Losing your way, and then finding it again.


It's invigorating!

13. Reading for hours in quiet corners and cafes.

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14. Getting lost in your thoughts in the middle of nowhere.

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15. (And speaking of the middle of nowhere, hiking alone can be overwhelmingly beautiful.)

16. Going to museums and truly absorbing what you're seeing.

17. Trying something that would normally terrify you in your daily life.

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Local open mic? Bungee jumping? Who cares! You don’t know any of these people!

18. Pursuing your more *unique* interests.

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Seven-hour Lord of the Rings tour, here I come.

19. Realizing you've gone almost a whole day without talking to anyone and feeling surprisingly great about it.

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~ so serene ~

20. Keeping a travel journal.

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It's your very own adventure, and you're the only one to remember it — document the experience!

21. Getting to know yourself in new ways, and figuring out exactly what you're capable of.

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22. And then leaving with the feeling that you could CONQUER THE WORLD.

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