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29 Times Tumblr Knew Exactly What You Were Thinking

Someone had to say it.

1. That need to win.

2. On (not) following directions.

3. Where all your energy really goes.

4. On having your priorities in order.

5. This fair warning.

6. On ~making it~.

7. The question we're all thinking.

8. Just wanting to be liiiiiiked.

9. The real star.

10. How to separate the good people from the terrible ones.

11. On trying to seduce.

12. The daily struggle.

13. Knowing you don't need the recap.

14. On changing for the better.

15. On never being too full.

16. On nostalgia.

17. The importance of perseverance.

18. This low-key contradiction.

19. When movies just don't get it.

20. True loyalty.

21. This dark moment.

22. On disappointment.

23. On strutting.

24. On college.

25. When you're just like, you know what, it's fine.

26. On hidden potential.

27. When you just. can't. win.

28. On flirting.

29. And on Tumblr itself.

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