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    23 Times Tumblr Kept It Real About Mental Health

    *Apologizes for apologizing*

    1. That short-lived confidence:

    2. When paranoia disrupts your social life:

    3. Waiting desperately for this technology:

    4. The perpetual struggle:

    5. This doubt:

    6. When your brain has zero chill:

    7. And how it can be so convincing:

    8. When everything feels like a Very Big Deal:

    9. When that really pushy existential crisis hits:

    10. The impressive breadth of anxiety:

    11. How obsessive thoughts won't give it a rest:

    12. Especially at night:

    13. The beauty of the momentary distraction:

    14. When you just can't help it:

    15. Questioning everything:

    16. How school can help:

    17. And how it can fail you:

    18. The surprise attack:

    19. When it comes with high sensitivity:

    20. When doubt creeps up:

    21. When you forget to account for possible lows in the future:

    22. When it feels like you can't win:

    23. The dream: