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    24 Times The Internet Perfectly Described Going To School

    *Prays for the apocalypse to strike before essay due date*

    1. When you just can't get the credit you deserve:

    2. On doing anything to get out of this situation:

    3. On avoidance:

    4. When you put something off for too long:

    5. On knowledge retention:

    6. On *practical* knowledge retention:

    7. On the cure for everything:

    8. On group projects:

    9. How you're either this person:

    10. Or this person:

    11. On inconsistent expectations:

    12. And contradictions:

    13. On "surviving" an all-nighter:

    14. When you're just fooling yourself:

    15. And always overthinking:

    16. On sweet, sweet release:

    17. On this daily game:

    18. On dress codes:

    19. On this undeniable truth:

    20. Making the most of what you've got:

    21. BETRAYAL:

    22. This glorious realization:

    23. The harsh reality everyone must learn:

    24. And this unspoken understanding:

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