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26 Perfect Reactions To Nicki's VMA Clapback

Miley, what's good?

1. When they boiled it down to the one question that says it all:

2. Turned it into art:

3. And knew it would be passed down for generations to come:

4. When they found an unlikely ally:

when she's ur daughter but the drag is just too good

5. When they declared themselves revived:

6. When they made this flawless connection:

7. When their whole opinion on the show did a 180:

8. And they even suggested a rebranding:

9. And then rebranded themselves:

10. When they could only imagine what was going on in Taylor's head:

Nicki: back to...this bitch that had a lot to say about me Taylor: shit I THOUGHT WE MADE UP- Nicki: Miley whats good Taylor: phew. drag ha.

11. Like, really got in there:

12. And assumed she was just thanking her lucky stars:

13. When they were overcome with emotion:

Me, finding out what Nicki said to Miley

14. And basically died:

15. When they recognized Nicki's clapback for exactly what it was:

16. And paid their respects:

17. When they recognized Nicki as the god she is:

18. And wished they could all be so lucky:

19. When they made media predictions:

20. When they couldn't get enough of it:

21. When they were literally Rebel Wilson's face:

22. When they shut down rumors that the whole thing was staged:

23. When they dreamed up an alternate reality:

24. And imagined other ways to drag:

25. When they put laughs aside and just dropped the mic:

26. When they took a side, firmly: