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This Artist Paints Celebrities As Lil' Baby Chickens

Because why not?

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They're a group of creative little chickens who reimagine celebs, movie characters, and the subjects of famous works of art in their likeness.

Paul Broughall

(They're also the brainchild of Ireland-based children's storyteller and illustrator Paul Broughall.)

The chicks were born (hatched, if you will) out of Broughall's previous project called "Chick Adventures."

"I used to place the chicks in certain poses and take pictures of them having adventures like fishing and parachuting, and one of those adventures was an art class," Broughall told BuzzFeed in an email. "After I stopped Chick Adventures, I found the easel and paints one day and the idea just evolved from there."


The result is a lot of familiar (albeit bright yellow) faces, with no noses, and with little beaks for mouths.

The chicks are very on top of current events.

And they've got their little wings on the pulse of celeb culture.

Sometimes the chicks make already existing facets of pop culture even BETTER.

They're also big Kimye fans!

Broughall's favorite portraits are "without a doubt, the priceless painting replicas as chicks."

"They just really pop, and I love how tiny they are."


And though Broughall hasn't sold any pieces yet, he's "not opposed to it."

"I just haven't been approached by anyone," he says. "It would be amazing."

You can follow the Artistic Chicks (and get in touch with Paul) on Instagram and Twitter.

Just delightful.