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23 Things Everyone Who Was Awkward In Middle School Knows To Be True

It was a dark time.

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1. The popular kids either teased or fully ignored you.

2. But you and your equally awkward friends were convinced you were ~really~ into the cool stuff.

3. Speaking of friends: You might not have had a lot, but the friends you did have are friends for life.

Good to have friends from middle school to remind you of those awkward days.

4. You had some...niche interests, about which you were VERY enthusiastic.

5. And you may have held on to your childhood hobbies for longer than your peers.

6. Gym class was the bane of your existence.

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7. You begged your mom to let you follow fashion trends, but they never seemed to look totally right.


8. You may have spent your free time with your nose in a book.

Remember when... #bookloverproblems #readingmatters #oldschool #Bookish

9. And dances were...not great.

10. The closest thing you had to romance was this.

11. Because you didn't really know how to handle crushes.


12. Your journal entries still make you cringe.

Found my journal from middle school. Here's the first page. Guess I thought I was a badass or something.

13. Being left alone with a grown-up was your worst nightmare.

Being taken home by your friend's dad in awkward silence describes my middle school experience

14. Your definition of a cool Halloween costume didn't always line up with everyone else's.

I took "awkward middle schooler" to a whole new extreme

15. Any event that put you in the center of attention was awkward for ALL involved.

Looking at you, bar and bat mitzvahs.

16. You never missed out on what you were certain was an AWESOME photo op.

17. You were either blissfully aware of your awkwardness while you were in it...

I thought I was cool in middle school, but myspace begs to differ. #thanksobama #thanksmyspace #cringe

18. Or you were counting the days until you were free.

19. And, now that you've survived it, you like to give messages of hope to the youth of today.

I wish I could show this to every awkward middle schooler and tell them "there's hope for everyone"

20. This is the worst insult you could ever imagine.

21. And this gives you great satisfaction.

In middle school I was called big forehead, big nose, no shape and a nerd. No anymore

22. You're wary of anyone who insists they skipped right past those awkward years.

you're lying if you say you never went through an awkward phase

23. Because you know you had to be awkward to become awesome.

If you didn't have that awkward middle school phase like me, I don't trust you and we can't be friends

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