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    26 Things Anyone Addicted To "Two Dots" Understands


    1. You wake up in the morning and this is the first thing you see.

    2. "Oh, hello, my two very best friends."

    3. The loading screen fills you with calm and peaceful anticipation.

    4. You blame the friend or loved one who got you hooked.

    5. But now it's all you talk about.

    me and kyle have been waiting for this moment 😍 #TwoDots iz lyfe

    6. (Seriously.)

    7. You remember the minute you encountered a fire level.

    Fire stages in "Two Dots" won't let me prosper...

    8. Trying to master them became your #1 priority in life.

    Two Dots is slowly killing my creativity someone take it away

    9. But you had no idea what was still to come.

    Just remember it could be so much worse – you could be stuck on level 242 of Two Dots.

    10. You dream about Two Dots.

    Full-blown obsession with new game: Two Dots. I know it's bad when I start dreaming about dots dots dots dots.

    (Seriously, this is a thing.)

    11. You know exactly how to get that sweet, sweet fix at work or at school.

    Going to sit in the bathroom stall and play TwoDots for like 20 mins brb

    12. Two Dots is your date on Friday nights.

    Friday let me down #TwoDots #twocheap

    13. ...On Saturdays...

    I play two dots on a Saturday night 😒 #thatssad

    14. You've got this on loop.

    Have you heard ‘TwoDots (Original Soundtrack)’ by Upright T-Rex on #SoundCloud? #np

    15. Your priorities become a little skewed.

    got my prom dress & passed level 48 on two's been successful. 🙌

    16. You start feeling taunted by Two Dots, like your best friend is turning against you.

    If I was, I would not be playing you right now, Two Dots.

    17. You know the only thing more frustrating than this...

    When you are ONE move away from beating an impossible level in two dots and you run out of moves...

    18. meaning to make a square but then lifting your finger too soon!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Two dots is kind of like life; there's no undo button.

    19. If you're an Android user, you have to wait (im)patiently while your iPhone-using friends speed ahead of you.

    No new levels for Two Dots for Android yet.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    20. And speaking of waiting, these are the longest minutes you'll ever while away.

    my real life only consists of the minutes between my lives in two dots

    21. You swore you would never actually SPEND money on a life, but then it just happened, in a daze!!

    22. Friends and loved ones feel compelled to take intervening methods.

    He's mad bc I deleted two dots from his phone

    23. Others make fun, but it's true. THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND.

    "Two Dots is ruining my life" said the millennial

    24. This is a love-hate relationship.

    Whisper those sweet little words, she said. "Full of life! Play again!" #TwoDots

    25. And you can't help but feel abandoned when it's all done.

    Now that I finished Two Dots, what will I do to stay up at night.