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    26 Teachers Who Clearly Love Their Jobs

    Teachers: the ultimate trolls.

    1. This evil genius.

    2. This crafty grader.

    3. This surprise Drake fan.

    walk in my classroom and my teacher had this pulled up

    4. This merciless fearmonger:

    5. The selfie promoter.

    My teacher put my selfie on the whiteboard

    6. The guy who'll do whatever it takes to get his students working.

    this kid in my class made a bet that if he did his hw, my teacher had to do 30 push ups

    7. The prof who gives new meaning to Casual Friday.

    8. This tech-savvy teacher:

    9. The teacher who knows EXACTLY how to make learning fun.

    I'd pass and attend school everyday if this was my teacher TEACHER GOALS AF #KCA #Vote1DUK

    10. This enterprising HS teacher on parent-teacher conference day:

    LePotaters /

    11. The Spanish teacher who enjoys little surprises.

    What my spanish teacher puts in our verb packets 😍😍😍😂 @EmergencyPugs

    12. This lowkey superhero.

    13. And this guy:

    14. This would-be actor:

    15. The improviser who turned a torn test into art.

    16. The meme aficionado.

    17. The imaginative history buff.

    preshzilla /

    18. This #hip professor:

    I almost died reading this email from my Psychology Professor! 😂😂

    19. The prof who knows the exact right way to use the internet in the classroom.

    My professor shows us dog videos so we'll stop stressing out about our website project. Lmao

    20. This econ prof with big dreams.

    My economics professor has a dollar bill with his face on it 🙉

    21. The teacher who can make a teachable moment out of anything.

    22. This playful physics teacher:

    bigbuttock /

    23. This creative policy-maker:

    eriF- /

    24. The teacher who just wants to shake things up a bit:

    thebeast5268 /

    25. These traffic guides:

    26. This prankster:

    The Silver Falcon /

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