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28 Things Anyone Who Grew Up Loving Books Understands

Who needs playdates when you have fictional friends?

1. You LIVED for the Scholastic Book Fair.

2. And you circled almost every single book in these.

3. You thought the library was more fun than any playground.

4. You were on cloud nine when you finally got your own library card and realized you could take out whatever books you wanted.

5. And you killllllled during summer reading programs.

6. You always reached a point when you were just over your playdate and ready to go back to quality reading time.

7. You were outraged whenever you were told to "go outside" on a beautiful day when all you wanted to do was sit in your room and read.

8. You were depressed when you finished all of a certain series — until you found a new one.

9. Your backpack was extra heavy because you carried at least two books with you at all times.

10. You spent years just waiting for the day you would get your letter to Hogwarts / find Narnia / happen upon a secret garden.

11. The adults in your life were bewildered — and sometimes downright disbelieving — at the amount of reading you could do.

12. Nothing amped you up like the MS Read-a-thon or the Pizza Hut Book It! program.

13. You and your school librarian were tight.

14. You read wherever and whenever you could — during free period, in the lunch line, while walking down the hallway and bumping into classmates.

#reading #harrypotter in school... got some free periods this morning, so why not read hp?

15. If you ever got scolded by your teacher, it was for one reason only:

Other kids in school got in trouble for skipping, for getting in fights, for not turning in homework. I got in trouble for reading books.

16. So any time this happened, it was a gift.

Remember when... #bookloverproblems #readingmatters #oldschool #Bookish

17. Punishment wasn't really punishment unless your reading privileges were taken away.

18. You were always hoping to unwrap books at birthdays and holidays.

A letter I sent to my aunt in kidergarden lmao I wanted bugs and books for Christmas 😂

19. Your memories of family vacations are mostly just you reading in various locations.

20. You still have a vivid recollection of your childhood library's layout.

21. You probably did some writing of your own.

22. You may have missed your stop on the bus because you were in the back, too immersed in whatever you were reading.

Nice & quiet bus ride back to school. This is why we always bring a book with us, wherever we go!

23. Book reports? NO PROBLEM!

24. You didn't mind bedtime because it meant reading time.

25. And if your parents told you to turn off the lights, you knew how to get around that, too.

26. You ignored your motion sickness to read any time you were in the car, so you felt sick a lot.

27. Any time you find a book you loved as a child, it brings you right back.

28. And every time you read a particularly magical book now that you're an adult, you feel that exact some childlike wonder.