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24 Signs You Grew Up In Suburbia

I'll meet you at the mall!

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1. Walking anywhere was out of the question.

Unless you were going to your friend's house on the next block over.
trekandshoot / Creative Commons, Inc.

Unless you were going to your friend's house on the next block over.

2. A cul-de-sac was the place to be in the summer.

ARENA Creative / Creative Commons, Inc.

3. Independence was going to the mall without your parents for the first time.

4. You spent your 16th birthday in line at the DMV, waiting for your learner's permit.

5. And then you spent three months in after-school driver's ed with an instructor who definitely didn't want to be there.

6. But until you saved up for a car (or were lucky enough to be given one), you were borrowing the family minivan.

7. The hottest nightspot was a strip mall parking lot.

8. This was your first date:

9. This was your second:

New Line Cinema / Via

10. You actually went to your school's football games.

Flickr: system13 / Creative Commons

11. After which you took over your local diner.

Flickr: galfred / Creative Commons

12. You knew which parks you could drink at without getting caught.

13. Otherwise there was always the one kid whose parents turned a blind eye to drinking in the basement.

Paramount Pictures / Via

14. Your cool local coffee shop was a little place called Starbucks.

Flickr: fatafede / Creative Commons

15. And this was your hip bookstore.

Flickr: tojosan / Creative Commons


16. Even if you didn't have one, you definitely knew someone with a pool.

Bonus points if it was above ground.
Flickr: gojeffrey / Creative Commons

Bonus points if it was above ground.

17. You've been to birthday parties at bowling alleys, roller rinks, and laser tag venues.

Flickr: justjennifer / Creative Commons

18. Holiday decorations were a specific kind of spectacle.

19. You knew which houses gave out the best candy on Halloween.

20. And you probably went trick-or-treating a year or so past the time that it was age-appropriate.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

21. Your first job was at a movie theater, and you abused your power by sneaking your friends in.

Flickr: stephh922 / Creative Commons

22. July 11 was one of your favorite holidays.

Flickr: drbethsnow / Creative Commons


23. Going into "the city" was a big deal, but acting like it was a big deal was out of the question.

"Yeah, no, I totally know how to get there." ::inches closer to subway map::
Flickr: notoriousjen / Creative Commons

"Yeah, no, I totally know how to get there." ::inches closer to subway map::

24. You loved it and hated it, but either way, it was home.

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