14 Reasons You Should Visit Your Local Sex Shop

What are you waiting for?

Oh, hey! Come on in!

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1. Right off the bat, the initial visit isn’t nearly as scary as you think it will be.

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Intimidating, maybe. A little awkward, sure. But everyone else is there for the same reason you are, and those feelings pass quickly.

2. The employees are friendly, well informed, and endlessly helpful.

Think of them as tour guides on your new, sexy adventure.

3. This is good, because the inventory is likely to overwhelm even the most enlightened of consumers.

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4. But they also understand when you’ve got it covered, thankyouverymuch.

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5. Checking out the toys in person is more informative than browsing online, meaning you’re more likely to pick out the right product for you.

Because if you think there are maybe just three or four variations of vibrators, THINK AGAIN.

6. The experience is as much fun for the single shopper as it is for the attached.

(Ditto the post-shopping experience.)

7. But going with your partner is an excellent way to bond.

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Just try to spend an hour browsing oils, lingerie, and handcuffs without getting a little worked up.

8. It has so much more than just big-ticket items.

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You don’t need to drop a couple hundred on a toy to get more playful. There’s a world of massage oils, tingling balms, sexy dice, and more waiting for you, and usually at under $10 each.

9. It has more varieties of condoms than you could ever imagine.

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Studded? Ribbed? Warming? Cooling? You know what, let’s just get a sampler pack.

10. It’s a great alternative to lingerie shops, especially if you’re looking for more kinky varieties.

Heavy-duty corsets — yes, please.

11. It’s a surprisingly perfect spot for a girls’ night out.

Grab some friends and get ready to giggle.

12. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll at least leave with a few ideas for spicing things up in the bedroom.

Find yourself drawn to the blindfolds? You’ve got scarves at home!

13. A lot of stores offer workshops, sometimes for free.

Everything from tutorials on giving blow jobs or hitting G-spots to product presentations, and usually with booze and food.

14. It is one of the few 100% judgment-free zones in the world.

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The only hangups will be your own — so if you’ve got them, drop them, and enjoy.

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