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16 Reasons You Should Go To Prom Without A Date

Solo dolo 4L.

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One day, roughly 100 years ago, I was a high schooler facing prom season with no date in sight.

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(That's not entirely true โ€” I asked a guy who said he wasn't "the prom type" and to his credit, he wasn't lying; he didn't go. But, you know, YOLO.)

For a fleeting moment I thought I wouldn't go, because all my friends had dates, and who wants to be the 11th wheel in the back of a limo?


1. You've survived hanging out with your classmates as a single person, and this is basically just that but with fancy clothes and music.

4. Or you can dance with no one, which is better, since in high school a lot of dancing is awkward grinding and, like, not even really enjoyable dancing anyway. / Via

5. No one will ask you to get up and dance to their favorite song while you're busy raiding the buffet table.

What I was most excited for (-: #promfood

6. You don't have to coordinate your outfit with anyone.

7. And you can truly let your personality ~shine~.

My friend was the only one without a prom date

8. AND no one will be there to block that shine in your photos.

10. You don't have to worry about going with a date who will eventually break your heart or whose heart you will eventually break, forever tarnishing the memory.

12. You'll learn an important lesson earlier than most, namely: Anything worth doing with a date is also worth doing alone.

going to prom without a date because im an independent woman

(See: a night at the movies, a nice dinner, trips to exciting places.)


14. If your friends also don't have dates, CONGRATULATIONS, you have hit the jackpot for optimal prom enjoyment.