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Proof That Kate And Leo's Love Is The Deepest Love Of All

<3 Kleo forever <3

1. The entirety of Titanic is enough to prove their chemistry, but it's the bloopers that really solidifies it.

2. And it was immediately apparent that they were perfect together when they started showing up at awards shows like goth soulmates.

3. Holding each other's hands, looking surprised.

4. Doing absolutely nothing to dissuade rumors.

5. But it only got better from there!!!!!!!!!!

6. They steal smooches at award shows, and it's like no one else in the world exists.

7. They are CONSTANTLY praising each other.

8. They are each other's best cheerleaders.

9. They make each other LAUGH!

10. (And they look really, reeeeeally good doing it.)

11. When you see one gazing into the other's eyes, you get the sense that they just really ~get~ each other.

12. When Kate won her Golden Globe, her acceptance speech was more romantic than most wedding vows.

13. And Leo couldn't congratulate her just once! He had to do it on Oprah too!! SUCH IS THEIR LOVE.

14. When this woman asked Kate to choose either Leo or (Divergent star) Theo James, Kate was like, "Are you actually kidding me right now."

15. And when Ryan Seacrest asked Leo if Revolutionary Road was too much of a challenge, Kate stepped in and was like, "UHHHH NO OBVIOUSLY HE CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING."

16. They're so playful!

17. They tease each other.

18. And they *literally* have each other's backs.

19. He even walked her down the aisle at her super-secret wedding! I mean, come on!