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    24 Eating Experiences That Are Surprisingly Disturbing

    Never trust a chocolate chip cookie.

    1. Biting into what you think is a chocolate chip cookie and finding out it's actually raisins.

    Kellyreekolibry / Getty Images

    2. Pouring milk into your cereal and then finding out it's gone sour.

    Okea / Getty Images

    3. Getting a fruit salad and it's pretty much all honeydew melon.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    4. Asking for Diet Coke and getting a Diet Pepsi.

    Rez-art / Getty Images

    5. Eating something soft and feeling a mysterious crunch.

    Anabgd / Getty Images

    6. Accidentally pouring the gross dried up mustard crust at the tip of the bottle on your burger.

    Eutoch / Getty Images

    7. Crafting the perfect last bite, and then your dining partner reaches over and EATS IT.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    8. Taking a sip of what you thought was your Sprite and finding out it's water.

    Shakzu / Getty Images

    Or vice versa.

    9. Eating toast or Cap'n Crunch and destroying the roof of your mouth.

    Djedzura / Getty Images

    10. Thinking it's cheese on your sandwich and finding out it's a big hunk of mayo.

    Valentynvolkov / Getty Images

    11. Asking for a dessert menu and seeing that it's all fruit.

    Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

    12. Spending time to make an exquisite sandwich and then discovering there's mold on the bread.

    Sergey_dubrov / Getty Images

    13. Cutting the corners of your mouth with an unnecessarily sharp plastic spoon.

    Sinankocaslan / Getty Images

    14. Expecting that avocado in your salad to be delicious and ripe, but finding instead that it's reminiscent of an apple that tastes like cardboard.

    Tycoon751 / Getty Images

    15. Thinking you've waited long enough for your pizza to cool down, but then still burning the roof of your mouth off.

    Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

    16. Biting into a piece of meat and discovering it's about 90% gristle.

    Pavlo_k / Getty Images

    17. Shaking your ketchup but still pouring out a bunch of gross ketchup water on your fries.

    Michael Barrett Boesen / Getty Images

    18. Grabbing a handful of pistachios and they're all without a crack.

    Alekleks / Getty Images

    19. Biting into an apple that looks great but is actually brown and mushy on the inside.

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

    20. Biting into a sandwich before realizing the bread has gotten soggy.

    Msheldrake / Getty Images

    21. Popping a grape into your mouth and realizing it isn't seedless.

    Anna1311 / Getty Images

    22. Discovering your coffee/tea is mostly grinds/leaves.

    Vladimirfloyd / Getty Images

    23. Digging in with a plastic fork, but then the plastic fork breaks and everyone is like, "Whoa calm down."

    Ut07 / Getty Images

    24. Wrapping up your food to go, and then leaving it at the restaurant table.

    Danny Smythe / Getty Images

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