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11 Movies To Be Thankful For On T.Hanksgiving

We give thanks for the food on the table, the friends around us, and the range and works of America's favorite leading man.

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11. The Da Vinci Code

Columbia Pictures

Because T. Hanks proves, first, his permanent relevance as a more "distinguished" action hero; and, second, that our love will forgive even the most unfortunate of hairstyles.


7. You've Got Mail

Warner Bros. / Via

Because in our post-Snapchat society, AOL correspondence is about as quaintly romantic as time-worn handwritten letters, and because it's only a matter of time before the reboot "Your Profile Is Being Viewed" is in theaters.


2. Big

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

Because it's the best way to remember adulthood as conceived by your childhood self — awesome apartment! no bedtime! ALL THE TOYS YOU CAN BUY! — and to see how your current life is living up to it.

1. Sleepless In Seattle

TriStar Pictures / Via

Because if you're going to indulge in unattainable ideas about romance, you might as well go all out. Star-crossed lovers meeting for the first time in the most romantic city in the world on the most romantic day of the year? Sure!