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    17 Misconceptions Romance Readers Want To Clear Up Right Now

    If you think you know exactly what it is, you're probably wrong.

    Last week, BuzzFeed Books took a trip to Dallas to attend the 32nd annual RT Booklovers Convention for romance readers and writers.

    1. Romance and erotica aren't plotless.

    2. (Really.)

    3. Sometimes there isn't any sex at all!

    4. But when there is sex, it doesn't have to be ** A HUGE DEAL. **

    5. There isn't just one type of reader.

    6. The people who write it are smart.

    7. As are the readers.

    8. Not all romance is 50 Shades.

    9. Ditto Twilight.

    10. They aren't shallow.

    11. They have substance.

    12. This stereotype is stale.

    13. As is this one.

    14. Readers aren't living in a fantasy world.

    15. And they are sexy AF at any age.

    16. There are many types of romance.

    17. And, best of all, they're rarely exactly what you'd expect.