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    13 Lies You Believe Until You Examine Your Finances

    Budgeting is for the brave.

    1. Lie: You drink a moderate, reasonable amount.

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    Reality: You spend more money on alcohol than on food.

    2. Lie: You only take cabs when absolutely necessary. Maybe once or twice a month?

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    Reality: Turns out all those surprise drinks resulted in surprise rides home.

    3. Lie: Once the grace period passes it won't even be an issue — of course you'll be able to afford your student loan payments!

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    Reality: Another deferment, please!

    4. Lie: But once you start making payments, at least you'll be making a real dent in those loans.


    Reality: LOLOLOL

    5. Lie: If you order the cheapest items off the menu, it's totally fine to get delivery.


    Reality: You are eating roughly 75% of your income.

    6. Lie: You'll remember to cancel that subscription before your free trial ends.


    Reality: Congratulations on supporting every possible music service for the past year.

    7. Lie: You'll only use an out-of-bank ATM in case of emergency.



    8. Lie: You indulge every now and then, but for the most part you maintain a healthy diet.

    Reality: Is junk food-specific amnesia a thing?

    9. Lie: You've got plenty of time to start saving for retirement.

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    Reality: Your future self is impoverished and super pissed about it.

    10. Lie: This is the month you're going to sign up for a gym membership.


    Reality: All you have to do is stop paying your phone bill.

    11. Lie: It can't be that much worse getting Starbucks every day instead of brewing coffee yourself.

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    Reality: JK, it totally can.

    12. Lie: You can't even remember the last time you splurged on new shoes/clothes/gadgets.


    Reality: It was two weeks ago. And again a week before that.

    13. Lie: You're a grown-up now!

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    Reality: You can't be trusted with a salary.