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    Leonard Nimoy Was The Greatest "Simpsons" Guest Star Of All Time

    Wherever there is mystery and the unexplained, cosmic forces shall draw him near.

    Leonard Nimoy played himself in only two episodes of The Simpsons, but both were packed with some of the best moments in the entire series.

    Like when he had us question the nature of truth.

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    When he put Mayor Quimby in his place.

    When he wasn't ashamed to show true wonder in the face of the universe.

    (Even if he was creeping out everyone else.)

    When he knew his audience.

    But was also blissfully unaware when anyone didn't quite share his enthusiasm.

    When he threw caution to the wind.

    "Hey Spock, what do you want on your hot dog? Leonard Nimoy: Surprise me.

    When he stood up for comedy.

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    When he gave us the gift of his beautiful voice.

    (Break for bonus Spock reference.)

    And when he just peaced out.

    Thanks for everything, Mr. Nimoy.