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    23 Kids Who Are Ready For This Shopping Trip To Be Over

    MOMMMMM, you said we were just picking up two things!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This human zamboni.

    2. This kid, who is clearly crying for help.

    3. The kid who will be haunted by this for years.

    4. And this kid, who can commiserate.

    5. The kid who has just given up.

    6. The baby who is clearly traumatized.

    7. The toddler who can't go on.

    8. The kid for whom shopping is literal punishment.

    9. The superhero who's making the most of what he's got.

    10. The kid who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

    11. These guilty legs.

    12. The kid who is dreaming of a world with no shoes.

    13. This spontaneous slumber party.

    14. This napping savant.

    15. And the kid who can sleep anywhere.

    16. This huddle of gamers.

    17. This girl who just can't.

    18. The tot who decided the mannequins needed some shoes.

    19. The up-and-coming gymnast.

    20. The boy who's just looking for a safe space.

    21. And this one who might be just a little disoriented.

    22. The boy who's just along for the ride.

    23. And these kids who, actually, will probably be good for a while.