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A Children's Illustrator Is Losing Fans Because Of Her Anti-Racist Art

"There are no words to express how little I care if I lose every bigoted, racist, homophobic and/or sexist follower I have."

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But today, some of those fans are not so happy with anti-racist artwork she's posted on her Facebook as a tribute to Michael Brown, who was killed nearly a year ago.

The first, posted early this morning, shows a mother and child in front of a newspaper (from "Everywhere, USA") that reads, "Hands up! Don't shoot."


The second post seems to be a response to reactions to the previous picture.

It reads, "I will not stay silent so that you can stay comfortable."


Still, many fans continue to comment in solidarity:

In an email response to BuzzFeed, Engelbreit said she "believes the artwork speaks for itself" and declined further comment.

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