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    Aug 4, 2015

    17 Reasons Dylan Rebolini Is Your New Style Icon

    Happy birthday, Dylpiece.

    1. He's not afraid of a statement shoe.

    2. He accessorizes like a pro.

    Dylan Rebolini

    3. The glasses!

    Dylan Rebolini

    4. The coolest of hats.

    Dylan Rebolini

    5. He embraces color.

    6. Hair like soft lavender.

    7. He has the best eye for thrift shopping.

    8. Dude knows how to pose.

    9. Winter wear / don't care.

    10. He works a wide variety of looks.

    Arianna Rebolini

    11. #BeachGoth

    12. #ThanksgivingGoth

    13. ~Vaporwave~

    Dylan Rebolini

    14. Children of the Corn chic

    Arianna Rebolini

    15. Onesie couture

    Arianna Rebolini

    16. Elmo shirt? Please.

    Arianna Rebolini

    17. Yr faves could never.

    Arianna Rebolini

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