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23 Feelings Anyone Who's Ever Driven A Car Will Appreciate

Don't even think about touching the radio.

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1. The struggle of being in front of a guy who has zero chill.

2. The irony of knowing you also, at times, are missing your chill.

4. Windshield wiper anxiety.

5. The emotional exhaustion of driving this friend around.

6. The irrational belief that this helps!

7. Your life flashing before your eyes.

8. That sweet satisfaction.

9. This specific rage.

when someone touches the stereo in my car

10. But also, when no song is the right song.

11. This challenge.

My GPS says Estimated Arrival Time. I see Time to Beat.


13. The joy of banding together for road justice.

14. The complicated relationship with pedestrians.

15. This well-earned caution.

16. When there are no words.

18. *Literally blind trust*

19. That "please let my car be OK" moment of fear.


That moment when you're stuck in the most ridiculous traffic and the radio traffic report comes on and tells you there's traffic....


21. The most dangerous game.

When the gas tank is on E but you just keep driving...

22. This panic, every damn time.

23. And all of the frustration. All of it.