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The 24 Most Valuable Christmas Lessons From Calvin And Hobbes

Santa's watching.

24. The holidays are a time for personal reflection.

23. A time to think about what it really means to be good.

22. And even with the best of intentions...

21. ...we're still at the mercy of the universe.

20. It's also a time for family.

19. For going through the motions, even if it's tedious.

18. Because the proper preparations are vital!

17. The Christmas list is both strategic and an art.

16. A first draft will get the juices flowing.

15. You can find inspiration anywhere!

14. And there's no shame in being clear and firm about what you want.

13. Of course, all of these expectations make it the perfect time to mess with people.

12. So it's good to keep up a level of pragmatism...

11. ...mixed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

10. To question authority!

9. To ask the big questions!

8. It's also important to remember that some aspects of the Christmas spirit are not for everyone.

7. Some people might find the themes a little problematic.

6. But people find transcendence in all sorts of ways.

5. After all, consumerism isn't all bad.

4. You're not just giving a gift. You're giving a message.

3. Often that message is incredibly heartwarming.

2. Sometimes your favorite gift will surprise you.

1. And when all of the excitement has faded, you've got to remember your manners.