Top 12 Funniest Videos Of 2013

You are what you laugh at. These humor videos received the most “thumbs-ups” on StumbleUpon in 2013, a representative said.

StumbleUpon reports that these are 12 most-liked humor videos of 2013. They tell us a lot about ourselves:

12. Evil laughter baby

What happens: A small girl watches as her toy truck rolls off the side of a table, then laughs maniacally.

What this says about 2013: We loved children who defied our expectations.

11. Aspiring speechwriter boy

What happens: A little boy, having just learned to ride a bicycle, gives an inspiring speech in which he implores people to believe in themselves.

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What this says about 2013: We enjoyed children who applied clichés.

10. The agility course squirrel

What happens: A squirrel completes an obstacle course. The video is set to the high-adventure theme song of Mission: Impossible. At the end, the squirrel gets a nut.

What this says about 2013: We enjoyed watching animals complete meaningless tasks, perhaps because it allowed us to ponder the meaninglessness of our own existence.

9. The enchanted shadow math teacher

What happens: During a lecture, a math teacher’s computer display is projected on a screen. The math teacher’s shadow appears to move on the screen independent of the teacher.

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What this says about 2013: We applauded teachers who brought magic back into the classroom.

8. The unfortunate telemarketer

What happens: This is a voice recording where Tom Mabe pranks a telemarketer, leading the telemarketer to believe that the person he has called has been murdered and that the telemarketer is now a suspect in the investigation.
What this says about 2013: We wanted telemarketers to suffer.

7. The sarcastic teacher message

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What happens: This is supposed to be a recording of an answering machine’s outgoing message at a school in Australia. The voice sarcastically skewers helicopter parents. It ends on a xenophobic note (“If you want this [message] in another language, move to a country that speaks it” — yeesh).
What this says about 2013: We loved teachers with sass, even if they were xenophobic.

6. The Whose Line Is It Anyway? clip that’s still funny

What happens: The four men play an improv game where three have to act out a scene and the fourth plays the “Hollywood director” who sets the tone.

What it says about 2013: We missed Ryan Stiles Colin Mochrie Wayne Brady magic. So much.

5. The dancing sobriety test

What happens: A woman cop pulls over a man who appears to be driving under the influence. He aces the sobriety test, which gets more absurd as the cop struggles to pin him for drunk driving.
What it says about 2013: We liked to see cops get fooled. We also liked to see drunk drivers get what they had coming.

4. The morphing tourists

What happens: Two girls ask people to take a photo of them. The appear to morph into two old men.

What it says about 2013: We liked to see people baffled by apparent MORPHING POWERS. It’s unclear why these pranksters had to be Japanese (jk, seems like the answer is “Japanese tourist stereotype”).

3. The sleepover game for men

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What happens: In a segment from Tosh.0, host Daniel Tosh plays a game called “Sports or Consequences,” which is truth or dare for bros. He wins every challenge, while his opponents have to face the consequences for their losses.
What it says about 2013: We appreciated bros being bros.

2. The invisible drive-through man

What happens: A man conceals himself so that when he drives through a fast food restaurant, it appears as though no one is driving the car.

What it says about 2013: We were dreamers. We were pranksters. We wanted to believe in the impossible.

1. The men in labor

What happens: Two Dutch men are hooked up to machines that supposedly simulate the pain of labor by causing muscle contractions.
What it says about 2013: We pushed boundaries. Bros wanted to know what it felt like to be hos.

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