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  • Margaret Cho And Adam Barta New Song “SEE U NEXT TUESDAY”

    Grammy and Emmy nominated comedienne Margaret Cho and Billboard Top 20 recording artist Adam Barta have teamed up to release a new pop music single called “See You Next Tuesday”. In the song, fans will be treated Margaret doing her famous impression of her mom, a bit on Miley Cyrus and Twerking, and a Madonna “Vogue” inspired bridge rapping about Britney and Snooki. The song opens with a dialogue between Adam and Margaret about big butts.

  • Tan Mom Crashes Stage During LIVE Performance!

    This past weekend, Patricia Krenctil (aka “Tan Mom”) made a surprise appearance, crashing the stage for Adam Barta’s performance at the 4th annual Get Out! Music Awards held at XL Nightclub in NYC. Patricia said the performance was “great”, but wanted things “to get on the road” and popped out on stage to dance along side Adam and his dancer Thomas Cole and spice things up. She returned to XL for the first time after an earlier incident this year where she was kicked out of the “Hot Mess” show there for being too intoxicated. She showed up to support her friend Adam Barta on the red carpet, who wrote and was featured on her last music single. She was then seen backstage, waiting in the wings while Adam was performing his new single “Superficial”. She surprised Adam - and the entire crowd - by coming out on stage with a fur coat and wearing a one-piece leotard, and then proceeded to dance around and gyrate with the boys.

  • OCTOMOM Unleashes Her New Sexy Party!! (VIDEO)

    Nadya Suleman better known as OCTOMOM in the media has released her new dance track “Sexy Party” with Billboard Top 20 artist Adam Barta today on iTunes. Watch Octomom dance to her Sexy Party below! Picture: Nadya Suleman and Adam Barta shocked America last month when they released the bare chested Octomom with only Adam’s hands covering her breasts for the single cover. The duo worked with two of the biggest music producers in the industry, Grammy Nominated DJ Mr Mig and Mike Rizzo to create “Sexy Party”. Recording took place in New Jersey at AudioMaxx Studios and Los Angeles earlier this Summer. Download Sexy Party on iTunes. Management/Bookings: Nadya Suleman and Adam Barta Contact: GR Media,

  • Adam Barta, Lisa Lampanelli, Michael Musto Star In *Epic* Music Video

    Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli as a music video VIXEN? Check out her star turn in the new “Q&A” official music video by pop/dance crooner Adam Barta. She has lots of advice for Barta in the video, and the two even discuss a setup with Clay Aiken?! As Lisa says herself in the video, “What the f’ing f”!? Featuring: Lisa Lampanelli, Michael Musto, Ro Bear, Tone Tone, Miguel Allure, Ryan Nikulas, Hailey Glassman, Kerry Schwartz Shot on location at the Night of a Thousand Gowns, 2012 and at the home of Kim Granatell. Costumes by Alissah Brooks and Stephan Keating.


    Queen of Mean and Celebrity Apprentice star LISA LAMPANELLI joined Billboard chart topper Adam Barta and emperor Gary Cosgrove of the Imperial Court on the Derek and Romaine show on Sirius/XM to discuss their upcoming appearance at the Night of a Thousand Gowns on March 31st. What ensued was a raunchy, hilarious discussion on everything from The Ball to Adam’s mom to Lisa’s thoughts on her fellow Celebrity Apprentice co-stars!

  • TIFFANY D. - the New Ghetto SNOOKI!?

    Recording artist Adam Barta’s cousin, Tiffany, attempts to “squash” conflict between the boys, but starts drama of her own as they celebrate Dan and Adam’s birthday. Season finale. Screaming at Andrea, and telling her how horrible her singing is, the girl leaves nothing unfiltered.

  • Give Yourself Up

    Kathy Sledge, Adam Barta, Kristin Sledge, Kim Granatell, Real Housewives of NJ, Jack Mackenroth, Project Runway, Tony “Tone Tone” Albanese”, Cake Boss, Robin Kassner, Millionaire Matchmaker, Miguel Allure Jerseylicious, TMZ, MTV, LOGO, BRAVO, TLC

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