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Adam Barta, Lisa Lampanelli, Michael Musto Star In *Epic* Music Video

Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli as a music video VIXEN? Check out her star turn in the new "Q&A" official music video by pop/dance crooner Adam Barta. She has lots of advice for Barta in the video, and the two even discuss a setup with Clay Aiken?! As Lisa says herself in the video, "What the f'ing f"!? Featuring: Lisa Lampanelli, Michael Musto, Ro Bear, Tone Tone, Miguel Allure, Ryan Nikulas, Hailey Glassman, Kerry Schwartz Shot on location at the Night of a Thousand Gowns, 2012 and at the home of Kim Granatell. Costumes by Alissah Brooks and Stephan Keating.

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Adam Barta, LISA LAMPANELLI, Michael Musto Star In *EPIC* Music Video?!

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