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Tan Mom Crashes Stage During LIVE Performance!

This past weekend, Patricia Krenctil (aka "Tan Mom") made a surprise appearance, crashing the stage for Adam Barta's performance at the 4th annual Get Out! Music Awards held at XL Nightclub in NYC. Patricia said the performance was "great", but wanted things "to get on the road" and popped out on stage to dance along side Adam and his dancer Thomas Cole and spice things up. She returned to XL for the first time after an earlier incident this year where she was kicked out of the "Hot Mess" show there for being too intoxicated. She showed up to support her friend Adam Barta on the red carpet, who wrote and was featured on her last music single. She was then seen backstage, waiting in the wings while Adam was performing his new single "Superficial". She surprised Adam - and the entire crowd - by coming out on stage with a fur coat and wearing a one-piece leotard, and then proceeded to dance around and gyrate with the boys.

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Tan Mom Crashes the Stage

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Seeing is believing..

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