17 Actors Who Played Teenagers When They Were Definitely...Not In Their Teens

    Aaisa pehli baar nahi hua hai satra-athra saalon mein.

    Let's accept it — We've all been victims of a "teenage" lead who never really goes through puberty like the rest of us and looks like a full-grown adult. Well, because lots of them ARE actually adults. So here's a rundown of some of them currently on your screens.

    1. Darren Barnet in "Never Have I Ever" — Actually 30

    Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida standing shirtless in Devi's bedroom

    2. Cole Sprouse in "Riverdale" Actually 29

    Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones sitting in a corner booth at a cafe with a laptop on the table

    3. Taylor Zakhar Perez in "The Kissing Booth 2" — Actually 29

    Taylor as Marco wearing a school uniform and sitting in a cafeteria, surrounded by other students. He has a plate of food and water in front of him

    4. Ncuti Gatwa in "Sex Education" Actually 28

    Gatwa as Eric smiling wide while holding a bicycle helmet. Rahim is in the background in front of the school

    5. Prajakta Koli in "Mismatched" — Actually 28

    Prajakta as Dimple holding her hands in front of her and smiling

    6. Keir Gilchrist in "Atypical" Actually 28

    Keir as Sam sitting on the floor with folded legs, holding a book in his lap and a pencil in his hand. He is also wearing headphones

    7. Kedar Williams-Stirling in "Sex Education" — Actually 26

    Kedar as Jackson, clad in a jacket, holding a mic and singing

    8. Danna Paola in "Elite" — Actually 26

    Danna as Lu holding a pen in her hand and leaning on a desk

    9. Emma Mackey in "Sex Education" — Actually 25

    Emma as Maeve wearing a ruffle jacket and smiling sideways

    10. Zendaya in "Euphoria" — Actually 25

    Zendaya as Rue staring at something in a still from Euphoria

    11. Asa Butterfield in "Sex Education" — Actually 24

    Asa as Otis wearing a puffer jacket looking with trees in the background

    12. Miguel Bernardeau in "Elite" — Actually 24

    Miguel as Guzmán standing in front of his locker, clad in a school uniform

    13. Jacob Elordi in "Euphoria" — Actually 24

    Jacob as Nate walking down the hallway, brooding, with a backpack on his back

    14. Arón Piper in "Elite" — Actually 24

    Arón as Ander sitting at a desk, holding a pen in his hand and a tab lies open in front of him.

    15. Rohit Saraf in "Mismatched" — Actually 24

    Rohit as Rishi with his fingers crossed in front of him

    16. Diego Tinoco in "On My Block" — Actually 23

    Tinoco as Cesar in a vest with a bag hanging on his right shoulder

    17. Charlie Gillespie in "Julie and the Phantoms" — Actually 23

    Charlie as Luke in a beanie and vest t-shirt smiling with a microphone in front of him and a guitar strap across his schoulders

    So, to all the 16-year-olds reading this who might feel insecure because you don't look like these actors at 16, I just have one thing to say — don't. Because not only are they NOT your age, but they also have a dedicated team of people just to help them get ready in the morning.

    Which ones did I miss out on? Comment below!