• Google

    Humbled by Topeka’s decision to temporarily rename itself as “Google”, the website returned the favor by taking up the city’s former moniker.

  • Urlesque

    Urlesque has handed the reigns over to everyone’s favorite nerd, Steve Urkel, who has re-branded the site as “Urkelesque”.

  • ThinkGeek

    ThinkGeek has started rolling out their annual April Fools day “too-good-to-be-true” geek gift collection, starting with this iPad arcade accessory.

  • Improv Everywhere

    Improv Everywhere joined in on the April Fools Day fun by pulling their most risque stunt to date, The “No Underwear Subway Ride.”

  • Hipster Runoff

    Hipster Runoff’s Alt Report ran a story this morning about Pitchfork’s unprecedented review of MGMT’s new album, giving it a perfect 10.

  • Funny Or Die

    Funny Or Die has become “Bieber Or Die” today, featuring videos of the actual Justin Bieber reenacting some iconic memes from the past.

  • TechCrunch

    TechCrunch posted an article late last night about Google’s intention to switch to nuclear power.

  • YouTube

    YouTube introduced a new bandwidth-saving service today that let’s you watch videos down-converted to basic text.

  • Starbucks

    Starbucks introduced two new sizes today: The 128 oz “Plenta” and the 2 oz “Micra”.

  • Reddit

    Reddit granted all it’s users admin status for the day, allowing infinite upvotes for everyone.

  • College Humor

    College Humor has been taken offline due to “un-American sentiment.”

  • Cnet UK

    Cnet UK ran a story this morning from Apple admitting that the iPad was all just one big joke.

  • Wikipedia

    Today’s featured article on Wikipedia’s front page is all about the traditional western practice of “wife selling.”

  • Hoot Suite

    The popular online Twitter client Hoot Suite announced this morning that they were switching to a fully-3D dashboard.

  • Kodak

    Kodak announced a new product this morning, Aromatography, which would apply the scent of whatever you were photographing to the picture as well.

  • Blizzard

    Blizzard announced their new line-up of mobile games due out this spring, including “Blackthorne 2: Thorne Harder” and “Queen’s Quest”

  • Google UK

    Google UK plans to develop an app for Android phones that will translate Animal sounds into speech.

  • 4Chan

    4Chan added a new feature that lets you post your crude content to Facebook as well.

  • Eater NY

    Popular NYC food blog Eater NY posted as article this morning about In-N-Out’s new NYC franchise location.

  • CNet UK

    Another one from Cnet UK, this time a story about a man claiming to be from the future being arrested at CERN.

  • Guardian.co.uk

    The Guardian ran this story about the Labour party’s edgy new campaign, which essentially amounts to candidate Gordon Brown calling out David Cameron for a fist fight.

  • Shell Vacation Hospitality

    Shell Vacations is promoting their new service that lets guests book rooms that are designed to be easier on left-handed patrons.

  • AOL Radio

    AOL Radio’s blog posted a number of unreleased Beatles tracks today.

  • xkcd

    xkcd has become unixkcd today, turning the whole site into a Unix command prompt.

  • Deviant Art

    Deviant Art replaced all it’s users profile icons with Twilight and Lady Gaga icons.

  • IvyGate

    IvyGate got exclusive word today that two new schools were up for induction into the Ivy League.

  • Film School Rejects

    Film School Rejects took a time machine back to April 1st, 1980.

  • Yelp

    Yelp sent out a casting call looking for contestants for it’s new reality show, based on the review site.

  • The Pirate Bay

    Popular torrent search site, The Pirate Bay, has reverted to “retro style.”

  • The PETA files

    The PETA blog ran an story about a French geneticists attempt to make rats cuter by splicing their DNA with rabbit DNA.

  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon announced they’d be releasing a Kindle version of the Harry Potter series written entirely in runic characters.

  • Let Me Google That For You

    Following Google’s lead, Let Me Google That For You had now become Let Me Topeka That For You.

  • LSU Sports

    LSU announced they’d be installing new purple turf for their Tigers to be play on.

  • Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies posted about a new Robocop movie directed by Darren Aronofsky, in which Avatar’s Sam Worthington is set to star.

  • Huffington Post

    Not so much a prank as it is a rock solid April Fools Day pun.

  • The Leaky Cauldron

    The popular Harry Potter fan site has become a Glee fan site today.

  • Google Voice

    Google Voice recognized that people felt a certain nostalgia for the way voicemail used to be, so they implemented changes today to make their service a little more old school.

  • GMail

    GMail is experiencing a temporary vowel outage.

  • Chat Roulette

    Chat Roulette’s new service, Wed Roulette, helps you find a partner who is looking to get engaged RIGHT NOW.

  • Babeland

    Popular adult toy website babeland is offering a new chocolate rabbit vibrator just in time for Easter.

  • Battle.net

    Battle.net introduced a new service where you could be matched up with the love of your life to go out and pwn some n00bs with.

  • JibJab Roulette

    JibJab launches a Chat Roulette variant that connects you with people in their birthday suits.

  • Google Reader

    Google is introducing a new program to help incentivize using their RSS reader.

  • Cute Overload

    CuteOverload is lousy with Rick Astley today.

  • Austin Chronicle

    The Austin Chronicle ran a story about the University of Texas’ intention to kill their athletics program.

  • The Economist

    The Economist ran a very in-depth article about Russia’s involvement in the lucrative olive oil industry.

  • Google New Zealand

    Google New Zealand is timing their search results with some less than standard timing systems.

  • Google Books

    Google Books implemented a new feature that lets you read in 3D. (3D is the “it” joke this April Fools.)

  • The Guild

    In the tradition of Muppet Babies, the web series “The Guild” released an episode portraying the groups as babies.

  • Wil Wheton’s Twitter

    Wil Wheton divulged some details about a top-secret Star Trek reunion.

  • Weather Underground

    The Weather Underground ran a story about how global warming unearthed an entire race of warrior merman and mermaids in the arctic.

  • Flickr

    The Flickrpad is Flickr’s answer to the Apple iPad.

  • Coldplay

    The band Coldplay released details about their new branded cologne. They even added it to their merch site.

  • Glamour

    Glamour has become “Glamour Pets” for the day.

  • WikiTravel

    WikiTrips’ featured destination today is Mordor.

  • Ben & Jerry’s

    Ben & Jerry released a revolutionary new way to experience ice cream called “ice screen.”

  • Hulu

    Hulu “accidentally” leaked a confidential video from our alien overlords.

  • Google Docs

    Google Docs is going to start letting users store anything. Yes, anything.

  • RyanSeacrest.com

    The Bronx Zoo Cobra’s identity is still a mystery, maybe because it’s too busy serving as webmaster of RyanSeacrest.com to reveal itself.