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April Fools Prank Watch

And so begins our slow descent into April Fools Day madness. I'll be keeping tab on the sites that are posting April Fools pranks all day, so check back often. Also, feel free to contribute if you see something that isn't on the list yet.

  • Google

    Humbled by Topeka's decision to temporarily rename itself as "Google", the website returned the favor by taking up the city's former moniker.

  • Urlesque

    Urlesque has handed the reigns over to everyone's favorite nerd, Steve Urkel, who has re-branded the site as "Urkelesque".

  • ThinkGeek

    ThinkGeek has started rolling out their annual April Fools day "too-good-to-be-true" geek gift collection, starting with this iPad arcade accessory.

  • Improv Everywhere

    Improv Everywhere joined in on the April Fools Day fun by pulling their most risque stunt to date, The "No Underwear Subway Ride."

  • Hipster Runoff

    Hipster Runoff's Alt Report ran a story this morning about Pitchfork's unprecedented review of MGMT's new album, giving it a perfect 10.

  • Funny Or Die

    Funny Or Die has become "Bieber Or Die" today, featuring videos of the actual Justin Bieber reenacting some iconic memes from the past.

  • TechCrunch

    TechCrunch posted an article late last night about Google's intention to switch to nuclear power.

  • YouTube

    YouTube introduced a new bandwidth-saving service today that let's you watch videos down-converted to basic text.

  • Starbucks

    Starbucks introduced two new sizes today: The 128 oz "Plenta" and the 2 oz "Micra".

  • Reddit

    Reddit granted all it's users admin status for the day, allowing infinite upvotes for everyone.

  • College Humor

    College Humor has been taken offline due to "un-American sentiment."

  • Cnet UK

    Cnet UK ran a story this morning from Apple admitting that the iPad was all just one big joke.

  • Wikipedia

    Today's featured article on Wikipedia's front page is all about the traditional western practice of "wife selling."

  • Hoot Suite

    The popular online Twitter client Hoot Suite announced this morning that they were switching to a fully-3D dashboard.

  • Kodak

    Kodak announced a new product this morning, Aromatography, which would apply the scent of whatever you were photographing to the picture as well.

  • Blizzard

    Blizzard announced their new line-up of mobile games due out this spring, including "Blackthorne 2: Thorne Harder" and "Queen's Quest"

  • Google UK

    Google UK plans to develop an app for Android phones that will translate Animal sounds into speech.

  • 4Chan

    4Chan added a new feature that lets you post your crude content to Facebook as well.

  • Eater NY

    Popular NYC food blog Eater NY posted as article this morning about In-N-Out's new NYC franchise location.

  • CNet UK

    Another one from Cnet UK, this time a story about a man claiming to be from the future being arrested at CERN.


    The Guardian ran this story about the Labour party's edgy new campaign, which essentially amounts to candidate Gordon Brown calling out David Cameron for a fist fight.

  • Shell Vacation Hospitality

    Shell Vacations is promoting their new service that lets guests book rooms that are designed to be easier on left-handed patrons.

  • AOL Radio

    AOL Radio's blog posted a number of unreleased Beatles tracks today.

  • xkcd

    xkcd has become unixkcd today, turning the whole site into a Unix command prompt.

  • Deviant Art

    Deviant Art replaced all it's users profile icons with Twilight and Lady Gaga icons.

  • IvyGate

    IvyGate got exclusive word today that two new schools were up for induction into the Ivy League.

  • Film School Rejects

    Film School Rejects took a time machine back to April 1st, 1980.

  • Yelp

    Yelp sent out a casting call looking for contestants for it's new reality show, based on the review site.

  • The Pirate Bay

    Popular torrent search site, The Pirate Bay, has reverted to "retro style."

  • The PETA files

    The PETA blog ran an story about a French geneticists attempt to make rats cuter by splicing their DNA with rabbit DNA.

  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon announced they'd be releasing a Kindle version of the Harry Potter series written entirely in runic characters.

  • Let Me Google That For You

    Following Google's lead, Let Me Google That For You had now become Let Me Topeka That For You.

  • LSU Sports

    LSU announced they'd be installing new purple turf for their Tigers to be play on.

  • Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies posted about a new Robocop movie directed by Darren Aronofsky, in which Avatar's Sam Worthington is set to star.

  • Huffington Post

    Not so much a prank as it is a rock solid April Fools Day pun.

  • The Leaky Cauldron

    The popular Harry Potter fan site has become a Glee fan site today.

  • Google Voice

    Google Voice recognized that people felt a certain nostalgia for the way voicemail used to be, so they implemented changes today to make their service a little more old school.

  • GMail

    GMail is experiencing a temporary vowel outage.

  • Chat Roulette

    Chat Roulette's new service, Wed Roulette, helps you find a partner who is looking to get engaged RIGHT NOW.

  • Babeland

    Popular adult toy website babeland is offering a new chocolate rabbit vibrator just in time for Easter.

  • introduced a new service where you could be matched up with the love of your life to go out and pwn some n00bs with.

  • JibJab Roulette

    JibJab launches a Chat Roulette variant that connects you with people in their birthday suits.

  • Google Reader

    Google is introducing a new program to help incentivize using their RSS reader.

  • Cute Overload

    CuteOverload is lousy with Rick Astley today.

  • Austin Chronicle

    The Austin Chronicle ran a story about the University of Texas' intention to kill their athletics program.

  • The Economist

    The Economist ran a very in-depth article about Russia's involvement in the lucrative olive oil industry.

  • Google New Zealand

    Google New Zealand is timing their search results with some less than standard timing systems.

  • Google Books

    Google Books implemented a new feature that lets you read in 3D. (3D is the "it" joke this April Fools.)

  • The Guild

    In the tradition of Muppet Babies, the web series "The Guild" released an episode portraying the groups as babies.

  • Wil Wheton's Twitter

    Wil Wheton divulged some details about a top-secret Star Trek reunion.

  • Weather Underground

    The Weather Underground ran a story about how global warming unearthed an entire race of warrior merman and mermaids in the arctic.

  • Flickr

    The Flickrpad is Flickr's answer to the Apple iPad.

  • Coldplay

    The band Coldplay released details about their new branded cologne. They even added it to their merch site.

  • Glamour

    Glamour has become "Glamour Pets" for the day.

  • WikiTravel

    WikiTrips' featured destination today is Mordor.

  • Ben & Jerry's

    Ben & Jerry released a revolutionary new way to experience ice cream called "ice screen."

  • Hulu

    Hulu "accidentally" leaked a confidential video from our alien overlords.

  • Google Docs

    Google Docs is going to start letting users store anything. Yes, anything.


    The Bronx Zoo Cobra's identity is still a mystery, maybe because it's too busy serving as webmaster of to reveal itself.

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