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April Fool's Prank Watch, 2012

It's April 1st. The internet's not safe. Once again, here's a guide to help you be the lookout this year if you're interested in TRUTH, not FOOLS. Together, we can get through this.

apriltruth • 7 years ago

April Fools Prank Watch, 2011

Every year has an April 1st, and every April 1st brings out the fools. But we bring you the TRUTH. This year's spectrum of April Fools pranks run from site takeovers to subtle font changes. We'll catalog them all here -- and add others you see in the comments below.

apriltruth • 8 years ago

April Fools Prank Watch

And so begins our slow descent into April Fools Day madness. I'll be keeping tab on the sites that are posting April Fools pranks all day, so check back often. Also, feel free to contribute if you see something that isn't on the list yet.

apriltruth • 9 years ago

We Did It!

Happy April from the Mayor of Newark.

Matt Stopera • 9 years ago

The Lamest April Fools Pranks

Let's be truthful here for a minute, fools. April Fools pranks are sometimes funny!

apriltruth • 9 years ago

Sites To Avoid On April Fools Day

There are a number of sites that post stories or change their design layout to pull one over on their readers for April Fools Day. If you spend a lot of time online, this gets tiresome pretty quickly. Here are some of the most consistent offenders that you should avoid tomorrow.

apriltruth • 9 years ago