10 Signs You Know You’re Terrible At Parking

We fell asleep during that part of driving class…

1. This guy has always been all about making an entrance…

“I HAVE arrived.”

2. Always remember to STICK that landing…

it’s all about finesse.

3. …and place a sticky note to remind you where the brakes are.

…so close!

4. At least you found a sweet place to park your bike!

Bike racks? pffft.

5. You can’t park here.

Great day for a swim?

6. Poor driving abilities are a great way to ditch a bad date…

…it’s not you, it’s me.

7. Parking lots are a great place for target practice.

Always foiled by that 7-10 split!

8. …we mentioned the whole “brake” thing, right?

third time’s a charm.

9. Maybe take some pointers from this seasoned professional


10. Brought to you by Parqt, the first parking app that uses Bluetooth technology to give you real-time parking availability.

Available now on iTunes and Google Play.

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