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  • Top 5 Ways To Find Your Friends At A Music Festival

    Imagine yourself and a scattered group of friends anxiously trying to find each other among tens of thousands of people at one music festival. Your phone service is spotty, you find it nearly impossible to navigate through of a sea of zigzagging festival-goers. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help you in your mission to reunite your crew. Here are 5 ways to find your friends at a music festival.

  • 5 Ways To Help You Achieve Your New Years’ Resolutions

    Like most people, you’ve probably made resolutions in the past that you totally dropped the ball on. It’s easy to give up on making resolutions because you’ve convinced yourself you just can’t even…but don’t be too hard on yourself! Here’s some handy tips on how to keep your will strong in the face of temptation!

  • Top 10 Reason Austin Is The Tech Mecca

    Austin, Texas. Our beloved state capital rich with history, culture, rolling landscapes and a flourishing tech industry. Austin seems to be on the tip of the tongue of everything tech, and with sufficient reasoning. Consider a relatively low cost of living, a growing population, and an overall ethos of embracing creativity; it’s not hard to see why Austin is one of the leading destinations for both tech start-up businesses and larger companies. Don’t believe us? Check out the Top Ten Reasons Austin is the Tech Mecca!

  • 8 Friendship Building Activities You Can Plan Yourself

    Friendships develop over time, but if you want to build a bond quicker with someone new, choose some activities that provoke conversation and of course, fun! Get a little wild or go outside of your comfort zone - when you do, your new friends will appreciate how much you have shared with them and it will encourage them to do the same. Stuck for ideas on what to do? Here are 8 tips to get you started, brought to you by ZookCity, a mobile social event planner for connecting with friends in real life:

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