29 Street Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

Hang a left on Chicken Dinner Road?

1. This street that subliminally honors 50 Cent.

Flickr: 90106931@N00 / Via Creative Commons

2. This street that mistakenly announces to the world its nautical fantasies.

4. This street that knows what it’s having for dinner.

5. This street that tells us how frustrating things can be.

6. This street that’s watching its figure.

7. This street that reminds you cynically to be happy.

8. This street that tells us where to poop.

9. This street that was named for Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

10. This street that tells us about our social media habits.

11. This street that accidentally tells us how gays and the church really feel about each other.

12. This street that gives you gardening advice.

13. This street that tells us where to hit the shower.

Flickr: 7349212@N05 / Via Creative Commons

14. This street that has its eye on you.

15. This street that’s not getting the loving it deserves.

16. This street that tells you what it would be like to eat concrete.

17. This street that endorses things getting physical.

18. This street that calls out everyone.

Flickr: 12508217@N08 / Via Creative Commons

19. This street that tells you where you can daydream.

20. This street that knows what real pain is.

21. This street that tells you where you can be selfish.

22. This street that engages in partisan politics.

Flickr: 51035743246@N01 / Via Creative Commons

23. This street that says this:

24. This street that rhymes.

25. This street that reminds us that all body parts are not created equally.

26. This street that was paved for a particular kind of woman.

27. This street that tells us where jam comes from.

28. This street that tells us Washington, D.C,. should have thought twice about the simplicity of its grid system.

Flickr: 65354164@N02 / Via Creative Commons

29. And this street that’s feeling itself a little too much.

Flickr: 24532534@N02 / Via Creative Commons

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