17 Reasons You're Not Getting Swole

    You just lift things up and put them down...right?

    So you've made it to the gym and you're hype AF to build some muscle but...you have nothing to show for your work so far.

    1. You don't warm up before exercising.

    2. You do almost all isolation movements — like calf raises and bicep curls — when you should be challenging several muscles with compound movements.

    3. Your weights are too light, or the rep scheme you use doesn't promote growth.

    4. You overlook good form because you just wanna get the workout over with.

    5. You lift heavier than you're actually capable of doing with good form.

    6. You go HAM on cardio (and actually need to chill a bit).

    7. You're not working out consistently.

    8. You're consuming too much protein.

    9. And maybe too many carbs.

    10. But not enough fats.

    11. You're not getting the right balance of calories, which should be just a little more than you'd usually need.

    12. You're not drinking as much water as you should be.

    13. You're using crappy supplements or not using them correctly.

    14. You're not getting enough sleep.

    15. You're not foam rolling, or doing anything else to massage your sore muscles.

    16. You don't have a workout plan that involves working out different muscle groups on different days.

    17. And you expect quick results.

    Now get out there and build that muscle. OH YEAHHH!